New site, who dis?

Previously my site used to be super cluttered; but now that I completely remodelled it into just my lil’ wordpress blog it feels alot smoother.

No idea what to write here tbh. I guess maybe some reflection as to how I got this thing working?

Besides the hours spent troubleshooting, the site was honestly really rewarding to set up. I even did it from scratch. Or, well, somewhat. But I figured it would be boring to lecture upon since I think most people here already have their own site anyway.

The idea of a site is sooo intriguing though. Anything I write here, provided it has adequate hosting, is essentially a time capsule. And even though I had many sites in the past, all of which fell eventually, it’s still a fact that never leaves my mind.

I guess from here on out, we’re witnessing the birth of something new. IDK what it’ll be about. But I suppose that’s the fun part. The mystery.

Here’s to something new 🥂

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