PicoCTF 2022

WHOO! And there goes the competition. It’s over.

PicoCTF was rather fun this year; I definitely learned alot (first CTF i ever tried binary exploitation in O_o woah). It was perhaps the most fun CTF I’ve been in so far. I am also definitely proud of being atleast in the top 4 scoreboard pages. I was not able to solve the last 500 challenges (solfire, Live Art, and noted), but everything else (with the help of my teammates, especially the one who solved the sequences challenge) was able to be solved. Yayy 🙂

So, in honor of the competition finally coming to a close after 2 weeks, plus the 1 week before I’m officially allowed to post this nifty little writeup sheet, I think it’s time to introduce some of my most important (and proud) writeups. I will be posting writeups only for challenges which deserve the most explanation, have a solve count <1,000 (since I don’t want to mention what has already been mentioned ad nauseum), and were the most rewarding to solve for me personally.

I will also only write writeups for challenges that will be on the picoGym, since I am too lazy to download and worry about preserving the source files of long-lost challenges. This shouldn’t be an issue though, as AFAIK 99% of the challenges will be moved there anyhow.

So, anyway, here we go!

Challenges mentioned are (in this order):

  1. Very Smooth (Cryptography)
  2. NSA Backdoor (Cryptography)
  3. Stack Cache (Binary Exploitation)
  4. function overwrite (Binary Exploitation)
  5. ropfu (Binary Exploitation)
  6. buffer_overflow_3 (Binary Exploitation)
  7. Wizardlike (Reverse Engineering)
  8. Torrent Analyze (Forensics)

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