BCACTF 3.0 2022

We did it fellas! The first CTF where I managed to get myself to top 30 of the universal scoreboard! All the challenges were really rewarding, and overall, I definitely loved the entire competition.

In this short blog post, I’m mainly going to cover the ones with <=60 solves that I managed to get, in hopes that I will:

  1. Inflate my ego
  2. Help someone incase no other writeups are present

So…let’s do this!


  1. My First Calculator (misc)
  2. A Fine Line (crypto)
  3. Crappy Colonization Corp (crypto)
  4. a Legit proteCtor of flaGs (rev)
  5. QRussian Dolls (forensics)
  6. Bloodthirsty Breeze (web)

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