BCACTF 3.0 2022

We did it fellas! The first CTF where I managed to get myself to top 30 of the universal scoreboard! All the challenges were really rewarding, and overall, I definitely loved the entire competition. In this short blog post, I’m mainly going to cover the ones with <=60 solves that I managed to get, in […]

Indigo (A 1.16.3 Minecraft Map)

This is a simple minecraft map I designed around a year or two ago, which I didn’t touch until recently (when I was looking through my old files). So, considering I spent quite a bit on the building, I thought…why let this go to waste? So…here ya go! It’s a story of love, courage, and […]

PicoCTF 2022

WHOO! And there goes the competition. It’s over. PicoCTF was rather fun this year; I definitely learned alot (first CTF i ever tried binary exploitation in O_o woah). It was perhaps the most fun CTF I’ve been in so far. I am also definitely proud of being atleast in the top 4 scoreboard pages. I […]

New site, who dis?

Previously my site used to be super cluttered; but now that I completely remodelled it into just my lil’ wordpress blog it feels alot smoother. No idea what to write here tbh. I guess maybe some reflection as to how I got this thing working? Besides the hours spent troubleshooting, the site was honestly really […]