An introduction

Hi! My name is Amelia. I’m the owner of this little corner of the internet you’re currently browsing about on. Kinda cool, right? I thought so. Websites are cool little portable resumes anyone can navigate too. They’re kind of the new craze going on, and, well, you best believe I’m gonna join in on it.

Anyway, I’m a cybersecurity enthusiast and a general tech enthusiast. I do things such as:

  • hacking (ethically, of course, winkwink)
  • programming
  • music
  • memes
  • programmed memes
  • staying awake past 3 o’clock in the morning screaming at my computer because it didn’t follow my instructions
  • and alot more!

Expect this site to be populated with whatever relevant personal-life-shenanigans I feel like churning out.


Because OPSEC does not exist as a concept to me, I’m going to list all my relevant social medias below.

Bon appetite! Enjoy that data, fren.